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Only local player see Gta IV animations

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ı downloaded gta 4 animations for my server but only local player see the can ı change local player to 'player'.ı didint put on serverside its not worked.anybody can help me ?


local animTable = {

	ifp = {},

	anims = {


addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot,

		animTable.ifp["block"] = "ped"
		animTable.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", animTable.ifp["block"])

		for _, v in ipairs(animTable.anims) do
			engineReplaceAnimation(localPlayer, "ped", v, animTable.ifp["block"], v)



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Tip: If you want to synchronize animations, you can check [ifp_demo] resource


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