Why Map Updating on fails?

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German version:

Harry hat sich am 18.02.2006 19:18:28 eingeloggt und ist seit 14 Stunden, 24 Minuten und 18 Sekunden ohne Tätigkeit.

English Version:

Harry logged in ... . Last activity: 14 hours, 24 minutes and 18 seconds ago.

But i try...

Lol.. i had to work, and returned at 19:30 home.. and i did view all my messages that morning, but didnt respond... But i think i found the problem. You guys were the first ones to report the php error. I wasnt able to reproduce it, i could update every map. And some other guys told me FF was working and IE wasnt.. Misleading. I think itll be fixed this night.

Warning: array_unique(): The argument should be an array in /home/mtavc_com/www/bdc/config/xml.php on line 154

Thats because of some debugging and extra logging. It has nothing to do with the actual upload.

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I think it is fixed. I tried today and it works - Only Message is "Your file has successfully been uploaded!" :)


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Nice one Harry, perhaps this will stop the flood of posts askign the same thing.

alot of people that use my server just upload them to my site then they go straight into server SA:MP UK DEDICATED SEVRER

You named your mta server after a different modification? haha

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