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LAN games.

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How do you configure mta to setup a LAN game instead of a Internet Game, i recentley downloaded mta and i dont know if there is a specific port i have t o use or a button or what.

Could somone please fill me in :)

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actually, it isn't in your GTA3 directory... the MTA team forgot to include the manual in the installer :wink:

the manual is at the MTA download page... nab it there, although I don't think there's much on LAN games.

It should be fairly simple (unless you're using a router, because I have no idea how to use MTA with a router, even though I have one).

Download the MTA dedicated server, and install it.

Run the server, configure it...

Now go to your start menu :arrow: Run... :arrow: and type cmd.

at the prompt that appears, type 'ipconfig'

"IP Address" is the one you want...

write it down, or remember it... the other computer'll need that number to connect to your server.

Run MTA, and get your game going.

Now get the other machine to run MTA, and place in the IP address, click connect, and it should go.

Sorry if I'm really really really simplifying these instructions... just in case someone comes by who doesn't know a thing about ports, they might be able to use this :wink:

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