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Hey Guys,

my name is n0pe aka. Dominik, iam 21 Years old and iam working on an Reallife Selfmade Gamemode called Visual Life.

The Project was created by me and exist since 2017. 2018 i stopped working on the Gamemode, because i got other interests. Now i got new motivation and i try to finish the script and go online. Thats why iam serching for support (Scripting/Mapping etc.)


Personal Infos:

- Dominik [n0pe]

- 21 Years old

- Projekt Leader and Developer



- 16 Years old

- Expierience (Scripting, Mapping)

- Working Headset

- Teamspeak 3 / Discord

- And a little bit of creativity :D


I offer:

- career opportunities

- a good team place

- A solid project


You get all important informations when u contact me.

When u are interested, your can write me here:

Teamspeak: Teamspeak
Webseite: Visual Life Webseite
Forum: Visual-Life Forum




*Sorry for my bad english iam from germany


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