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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته اعطني حل لدي مشكلة


mod//:client:attempt to compare number with boolean



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35 minutes ago, #BrosS said:

إطرح الكود ..

اعطيني حل مشكلة حق دي 

Banks-System/server.Lua:118: attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value

-line=112-     addEvent("AddMoneyToBank",true)
-line=113            addEventHandler("AddMoneyToBank",root, 
-line=114 function (player,money)
-line=115	local sourceAccount = getPlayerAccount ( player )
-line=116	local AccountName = getAccountName(sourceAccount)
-line=117	--local new = getAccountSavedMoney ( AccountName )+money
-line=118	local new = getElementData(player,"Bank")+money
-line=119	--takePlayerMoney(player,money)
-line=120	setElementData(player,"Money",(getElementData(player,"Money") or 0 ) - money)
-line=121	setElementData(player,"Bank",(getElementData(player,"Bank") or 0 ) + money)
-line=123	--setAccountSavedMoney ( AccountName, new )
-line=124	--setElementData(player,"Bank", new)
-line=115	triggerClientEvent ( "onOpenBankWindow", player, player, new )


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local new = (getElementData(player, "Bank") or 0) + tonumber(money)

بدل سطر118 بذا

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