How to add any weapon to slothbot (nemesis) ?

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Here is the "nemesis" script:

function boss ( )
      Nemesis = exports [ "slothBot" ]:spawnBot ( -1935.5480957031, 665.44055175781, 47.0, 90, 312, 0, 0, Nemesis, 0,         "chasing", true )
      exports.extra_health:setElementExtraHealth ( Nemesis, 2500 )
      outputChatBox ("Nemesis!!!")
      myBlip = (createBlipAttachedTo ( Nemesis, 23 ))
      setElementData ( Nemesis, "nemesis", true  )
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), boss )


In which line and what should I add to make the slothbot (nemesis) have any weapon? Please help :|

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