[HELP] Shutdown & Start Linux Server

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can somebody help me?


before i tried cmd "killall mtasa" for shutdown my server then i write again "./mtasa -d" for start my server but it wont started can someone help me? it is say "-bash: ./mtasa is a directory"

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The Linux server executable is usually called mta-server

So try:

./mta-server -d

If that does not work, view the directory contents with the command:

ls -l


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If you are connected to the server and you have admin rights simply type in  console "shutdown"

from Linux:

If you are started the server in a screen just go to the screen by

screen -R [name of your screen]

and then if you are in type "shutdown" or "exit"

command to start your server in screen :

(if need use sudo for the permissions)
cd [directory of your mta server]
screen -dmS [name of your screen]
screen -R [name of your screen]
./mta-server64 (or if you using 32 bit ./mta-sever)


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