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Make Multi Theft Auto (MTA) Bot, the idea ?

make it in program or in php codes to allow anyone to make or run bot that can login to game server and anyone can program it to say hello for example and other things....

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10 hours ago, Sarhan said:

I dont mean to make Ped , i mean : i want to make for example php script to connect to multi theft auto server then console panel appear and i can login to it.... 

No you can't do that.

In 99% of cases it will be used for illegal actions (servers abuse, faking online, etc). So mta doesn't provide such APIs and we probably shouldn't discuss here the ways to do that thing.

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On 18/06/2019 at 18:10, qaisjp said:

Yes, you can do this using the PHP SDK.


There is a pull request pending with lots of improvements: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-php-sdk/pull/2

can i login to server and login to it ? using PHP SDK


i think the answer is no after thinking, because how i can set my name and other things, everything that i want it just to login and keep me like a player in Server just this......

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