New update broke old 'race' compatibility?

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I'm a member of a racing clan called SiK - Speed is King and we've had a MTA server since 2009. There were no problems with it until a few weeks ago when every time a player finishes there is a huge lag or freeze and it either gets stuck at Not Responding of the entire MTA client or it gives a bunch of random error from various resources.

When I stop the resources it says are giving error it just says another resource gives other error and so on.

I tried to stop all resources except the race, mapmanager, votemanager, mapcycler and the lag/freeze was still there.

Then I tried the latest race resource and the lag went away but the problem is that the old race was edited throughout the years by many people with some custom functions.

We tried copying the custom lines from the old SiK resource to the new race resource but the lag was still there. Something is causing it from those edits but it doesn't give a proper warning or error in debugscript 3.

Is this a known issue with the latest MTA client update and very old resources? Almost all of my teammembers have the exact same issue and it started at the same time too. But weirdly enough a few people don't have any issue at all which is just strange.

Any help is appreciated.

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If you meant the client part of that version then no, I tried it and there was no freeze at all. Maybe a slight lag but it was less than a second so could've been anything. Definitely better than before with your linked MTA client version.

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So we should all use that MTA version you linked lastly and not update?

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Posted (edited)

Will that fix will be in all future versions CCW?

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10 hours ago, DemonSeed said:

Will that fix will be in all future versions CCW?

The last link I gave you is the latest version, so yes!

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