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when i go to launch i get this

GTA3 Launcher isnt in GTA3 Directory, Please reinstall MTA and specify the right directory.

I have tried over and over , and have always stated the correct directory to install, I have the directory gtaiii in the grand theft auto dir etc so this should be working, once it has stated the above , the launcher then opens, i click GTM3 MTA it says run time error '75' path / file error.

Does the launcher check the gta-vc.exe file version or something ? maybe i have the wrong one..

Any help please ?

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So, if you go to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA III\, you'll see the mta.exe file? make sure that you find the mta.exe file there... don't just use the shortcuts. There's a bug in the installer that causes MTA to install into a wrong directory (like... ...\Rockstar Games\GTA III\Desktop) :?

If you're using vice city with MTA, then it won't work... MTA is for GTA3 only so far. :?

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