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[RPG/Multi Mode]SAEG:RPG(4.3)|Beta|[English]

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As an inspired roleplayer I come here with an RPG Server , SAEG has been created by a few guys on purpose to give players what they need. Actually we offer you a great adventure which you won’t see anywhere else. We have variety of jobs, different type of groups such as (Clan,Squad,Gang). Don’t make your dreams leak out of your mind and make the come true !



Everything began at 30.3.2017, after being slaves of server full of unfair admins, unfair players which are looking forward to scam you three guys got sad that they are part of such community, one of them gave the idea to create their own server, they thought about it and here we are, the server exists.They didn't know if the server will go well or they will spend their money for nothing but they took the right choice and now they have an awesome server with great players which i am sure you will enjoy to play with!


- SAEG:RPG IP Adress: mtasa://
- SAEG:RPG Forum Link:
- Record: 87 players
-Daily players: 30+


Contact Information 

Facebook Page :

Discord server

Join us now !

We'll be glad to have you !


As our server is on its beta* stage you guys might find some bugs and these bugs but you guys don't have to be worried as these bugs are getting fixed one-by-one by our dev's.So please be patient and support us by reporting the bugs on our forums(

Join us now !

We'll be glad to have you !

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Hey guys , today i would like to proudly announce that finally saeg 4.3 version has been released and from now on it will no longer be locked even if there is updates.
anyways , you are probably wondering whats new .
news list:
1- Menu system from now on once you click on any player a menu will be shown that has a couple of options such as revive,trade,give money,pm...etc
2-new Trade system , trade system are totally changed it has images and you can trade cars.
3-Brand new inventory system it also have images .
4-Couple of new mods have been added.
5-Revive System has been added finally.
6-new way to switch between cross hairs( its much easier than before) .
7-Mask system has been added.
8-new skin shop system has been added.
9-from now on  You can now remove your stars all you need to do is enter LSPD and enter the blue marker then you will have to pay (depends on your charges).
10- New job guide.
11-added clan kill list back and it only counts if your job was thugs.
12-You can no longer change founder permissions.
13-Hydra can no longer shoot when you enter the tunning shop and leave it.
14- Clan members nametag colors has been changed to green.
15-Business system is back. 
16-Hitman its used to set bounty on someones head for the price u choose and once hes killed the guy who killed him will get the money .
17-Respected groups has there own dimensions to train in.
18-Explosion timer fixes, you can no longer shoot while the timer is running.
19-Spwan protection fixes, you can no longer shoot while you are spawn protected in anyway. 
20-new Spwaner DX
21-New owned Spwaner DX
22-You no longer have to leave the turf colshape and enter to start the turfing process.
23-You can use /sur and the nearest cop will get the arrest if there was cops nearby 
24-Only the VIP can see his own laser
25-Trader has been removed and all explosives stuff have been added to ammunition .
26-You can no longer get killed in AFK zone.
27-FFA system improves.
regards, HQ team.

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If you were an old player of SAEG and had an account, you can get back your account if you haven't forgotten you'r password as we have restored all the old accounts. If you didn't get the Premium VIP that you have already bought please contact an HQ (On Discord/Forum/In Game) and we will try to get it back to you as soon as possible, in case of bases for you'r gang, you should re-create the gang and re-apply for you'r base.

Thank you

-SAEG Staff Team

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We are at 24 players ! Join our forums ( link : to be informed of our new giveaways and announcements!.

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Guys , while I was going through the posts of other servers and the replies I found out that most of these servers lack a good staff team and dev's.This is why I recommend you guys our  community called SAEG . No matter how new you are to MTA , we will help you out with great patience .Our staff team has a total of 10 staffs for having a 24/7 complete moderation on our server so that not even a single report goes un-noticed. You may ask "Why a big staff team while your server has like 15-20 players?" . Well ,our staffs are not (24/7) active like the others and this is cuz we are not recruiting staffs according to their activity or donations.You might see our staffs having like 200hr playtime while a normal player has like 1000 or 800 hrs of playtime. We recruit the staffs according to their ability to help those who are in need cuz we believe that everyone can do the other stuffs like mute,jail,kick etc if they have enough access's . Our staffs are told to always give enough warning to players who has lesser playtime like 20hrs or less. I am very sure that you guys will not have a single complaint against our staff team and if you are looking for a server with good scripts and helpful and friendly staffs, we will be always glad to have you in our community.

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We are at 20+ players In game guys ! We are giving away 2M in game money if we manage to hit 30 players so join now !

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Improvements updates added and patched almost every abusable glitches . Join now !

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On 22/07/2019 at 16:15, [SAUG]Adrian said:

Keep talking with ur self

That's pretty rude. You do know that, he's just talking about his server and updates for it? That's what the topic was for.

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