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Has anyone tried to create a virtual client? For example: a spectator from a server.
My task is to call the client function from the server when there are no players on it.
I could only think of a bot, but for this you need to be constantly connected to the server.
How can I create such a virtual client with MTA tools?

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What kind of client function do you need? Client functions mostly require a client because it doesn't make sense to run them unless there is a game client with rendering. There may exist workarounds on the server side for certain functions (such as isElementOnScreen is possible to calculate on the server given a camera position, rotation, fov, clipping start and clipping end, etc.), while others are impossible without a full client (such as collecting a dxScreenSource screenshot) and nonsensical (e.g. drawing dx, CEGUI etc without a client to look at it).

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On 01/06/2019 at 18:55, Investor said:

What kind of client function do you need? 

I need dxScreenSource function. It is real?

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Not possible unless you are actually running gta san on your server. Which I am not sure if virtual machines go that far. You are still missing that gpu after all.

An extra home pc maybe? Which you can control with the server.



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