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Hello guys, I have a little problem that I want to solve

I'm using topbar script with showing texts on the console

I want to remove the hex colors like #ff0000, but I couldn't do it

--[[ Display a DX topbar message ]]--
function dm(text, r,g,b, col, bell)
	-- Insert message
	local tick = getTickCount()
	if text == last_msg then return end
	if not col then col = false end
	if bell then playSoundFrontEnd(11) end
	table.insert(messages, {text, true, tick + display_time_ms, 170, r,g,b, col })
	outputConsole("[TOPBAR] "..text) --this is the one
	last_msg = text
	setTimer(function() last_msg = "" end, 10000, 1)

	-- Play a message notification sound


please any help?

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where the text?

the text  =  /changepw to change your accoutn password?

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I'm using exports of topbar (the script)

exports.topbar:dm ( "Use #ff0000/changepw#ffffff to change your account password.", root, 0, 245, 82, true )


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outputConsole("[TOPBAR] "..text:gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x","")) --this is the one


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