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help with script make

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Im trying and i don't know how to Make it (sorry for my English) 

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In the "Scene nodes browser", you'll see a list of parts with names, like "kit00_steeringwheel".
So long story short, if you want the steering wheel to move, refer back to "kit00_steeringwheel" using SetVehicleComponentPosition.

Good luck :rr:  :signrandr::walk:

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addCommandHandler("scp", -- short for 'set component position'
        local theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer)
    local getComponent = door_lr_dummy (theVeh) -- returns table with all the components of the vehicle
        if (theVeh) then
            for k in pairs (getComponent) do
        local x, y, z = getVehicleComponentPosition(theVeh, k) --get the position of the component
                setVehicleComponentPosition(theVeh, k, x+1, y+1, z+1) -- increases by 1 unit


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