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I've been away from MTA for quite some time, probably close to 6 months. I decided to pick up where I left off on one of my projects called Vehicle Manipulation.
This project is in efforts to allow any modification at all to the car. So far, all I've done is the wheels and greatly greatly improved the whole concept of attaching objects.
In these images, the wheels are cambered, resized, width changed, and they are spaced away from the vehicle. All of which is fully customizable, let me know your thoughts. If I should continue or not.

Plans: Animate windows, animate wiper blades, animate steering wheel, animate pedals, animate shifters, animate radios, design an actually realistic shifting system, improve textures, and use processLine to pick up items from the ground and put them on the vehicle or inside the vehicle.




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I had a similar idea but with tank models. Basically getting normal vehicles to work like tanks with moving wheels and turrets and all, quite similar to this I must say. I could share the code with you if you like? Quite buggy tho

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Give it a try , i woudl like to see the end of this project ,how is gonna look like.


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