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Hello guys. Im need an opinion also what need add more?
At the moment dxlib have:
    <export function="createWindow" type="client"/>
    <export function="createButton" type="client"/>
    <export function="createButtonImage" type="client"/>
    <export function="createButtonWithImg" type="client"/>
    <export function="createGridList" type="client"/>
    <export function="createText" type="client"/>

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dxLib v 1.30.0
was added:
   <export function="create3DWindow" type="client"/>
    <export function="createDrawRectangle" type="client"/>
    <export function="getMousePosition" type="client"/>
    <export function="show3Dpanel" type="client"/>
    <export function="hide3Dpanel" type="client"/>
    <export function="create3DButtons" type="client"/>
    <export function="create3DText" type="client"/>
    <export function="create3DBar" type="client"/>


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Posted (edited)

v1.50.0 Link .

    <!-- Version 1.40.0+!-->
    <export function="create3DImage" type="client"/>
    <export function="create3DImageBut" type="client"/>
    <export function="create3DImageWithBut" type="client"/>
    <file src="dot.png"/>
    <export function="create3DRadioBut" type="client"/>
    <export function="get3DRadioButState" type="client"/>
    <export function="isMouseInPosition" type="client"/>

Also big thx "Yann" for 5$

Edited by NaGaFo
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