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Obtaining client OS

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I've just seen the news of MTA dropping XP and Vista, in what I guess, will be the next version of the client. I was wondering if there's any way to obtain the operating system of an user, so I could specifically notify them ingame, and also collect data of how many of my userbase will be affected by this change.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm afraid that the function you mention does not suit this case, it only shows if it is Windows or macOS, not the version of the OS:

Executing client-side command: inspect( getVersion() )
Command results: {
  mta = "1.5.6",
  name = "MTA:SA Client",
  number = 342,
  os = "Windows",
  sortable = "1.5.6-9.16588.5",
  tag = "1.5.6-release-16588",
  type = "Release"
} [string]


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Why would you need the OS Version number ? I mean you could work with country / regions or even by MTA version number which should be more than enough for your use case

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How can I know who's using XP or Vista with that information? What I want to obtain is the users who are going to get "discontinued" in the next months. I don't see how region or MTA version number can help me to obtain that info.

Thanks for your answer!


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