MTA:SA crashes

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Hello. Finded a problem after updating MTA. On builds 18390 and 18409 i can't join to my servers, just a got crash. Previouslies builds works correct.

  • 18409 CRASH
  • 18390 CRASH
  • 18332 OK
  • 18331 OK
  • 18317 OK
  • 18310 OK
  • 16921 OK
  • 16720 OK
  • 16628 OK

It not only my problem, already have 5 players with with same issue. On i find nothing what can show scripts problems.

MTADiag i think here is useless, because old versions works normal.

So i write here, and tag @ccw (sorry) because i think only he can help with that.

If need server adress for test:


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Thanks for the report, SalwadoR. It's appreciated.

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