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Client startup options

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Hi. I am now writing a launcher with authorization, etc., there was a question about the launch of Mta, whether there are keys ( parameters ) launch MTA? Let's say nick change or automatic connection when launching the game?
Thanks for the reply, sorry for my English, used translator😀


function doUser_bottom_lClickLeft(UXMouseEvent $e = null)
    execute('D:\Games\mt\Multi Theft Auto.exe', false);

P.S -> Another question, where can I get the source code of mta? And what programs will be required for compilation?

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How can I ask the name of the player and direct server connection through storony program?

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You can pass the connect URI to the MTA executable:


$ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://

$ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://nick@

$ "Multi Theft Auto.exe" mtasa://nick:password@


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Just now, Jusonex said:




Ты мне сильно помог, обожаю тебя!

You helped me a lot, I love you!

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