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unknown.pngThe executable file of GTA: SA is named incorrect



23:32:36 - [DEBUG] BeginEventLog
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH 00000000
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] Localization set to 'pt_BR'
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] PatchRequirementEntryPoint: Need to change entry point
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] Using proxy_sa because:  EntryPoint AltTabFix
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] Nvightmare patch: Can not apply due to unknown file bytes
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] UpdatePatchStatusAltModules: Can't find module names (0,0)
23:32:36 - [DEBUG] Unable to set AddressOfEntryPoint [FilePosition=0xe0 EntryPoint=0x290c]
23:32:37 - [DEBUG] AV health: not_monitored (1)
23:32:40 - [DEBUG] DLL_PROCESS_DETACH 00000001

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Rename multi theft auto.exe to Multi Theft Auto.exe

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Renomeie o executável do mta desta pasta: C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5 para Multi Theft Auto

Se o problema não for esse, tente reinstalando o seu MTA.

Edited by DNL291

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