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[Help] Mysql Connection

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mysql connection falls after some time

databasen = setting.mysql

function chac1()
local acc = getPlayerAccount (client)
local username = getAccountName ( acc )
local slot = getAccountData (acc,"characterslot") or "no"
local veriable2s = mysql_query(databasen, "SELECT * FROM skinshop WHERE skinshop_username='"..username.."'")

if veriable2s then
local okey2 = mysql_fetch_assoc(veriable2s)

 for okey,row in mysql_rows(veriable2s) do
	c1 = row[3]
	c2 = row[4]



the first time it works, there is no problem, but then disconnects the database


How can I solve



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Your best solution would be to switch to internal MySQL functions since the MySQL Module is pretty old now and some features might not be supported.


Besides that, is the MySQL Server running on your own vServer / dedicated server ?

If so, do you have any timeouts configured ?


- Luxy.c

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