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This topic contains the MTA global ban policy, information on how to appeal your ban and instructions on how to file a report (see bottom of topic)

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This board is for global MTA bans only ("You have been banned by MTA").
It's not to be used for when you get banned from a server. In the case of server bans, please contact the admin of that server or use their website/forums to appeal if they have one.


If you want to appeal a global ban, then please create a new topic HERE (click) that includes atleast your MTA serial.

How to find your serial: launch MTA, press the F8 key and write ``serial`` into it. Now, select your serial and copy it using CTRL + C, then paste it into your appeal topic.


If you received a global ban, you can appeal it under certain circumstances.

- The ban is permanent, or has a pretty long duration (a month or more).
* If a ban is permanent, no duration (ban time left) is shown in the ban message.

- The ban is custom. This is the case when your ban message shows a reason that is not "TRAINER" or "DLL INJECTOR".
* This can happen when you got banned as a result of illegal conduct on MTA.
* The possibility to appeal bans mostly exists for these situations, where your appeal will prompt us to review if you can be unbanned, based on the offense and its severity.

If you post an appeal and your ban doesn't fall under the above circumstances, then it may be removed rather than being answerred (although we more often do our best to make people understand the specific reason of their ban). This is because of the sheer volume of appeals for automated bans (for  trying to run old, detected cheats or 1-hour bans for DLL injectors) would otherwise be insane. If it's a short-duration ban, then please just wait for the ban to expire.

Explanation of the most common ban types and categories of bans they cover:

"TRAINER" - Bans related to cheating:
- If the ban is temporary (a few hours to a couple of days), then you attempted to run a detected cheat or used it while it was still working. 
* In the case of high-impact cheats, the ban duration can be a couple of weeks to a month. The same goes for paid (or subscription-based) cheats.
* It is also possible that MTA AC's heuristics flagged you for custom cheating, such as amateuristic attempts to modify memory or use your own little cheat. This can sometimes also result in a temporary ban.

- If the ban is permanent (note: with the type "TRAINER"), or for more than 2 months, then there can be several possibilities:
* We know that you're a cheat developer, and we took efforts to remove you from our platform in order to stop you from messing with MTA and its anti-cheat.
In this case, you have played your entitlements and we can deny your appeal on our discretion. However, we are always willing to give your case a fresh look.
If you think that you've learned from your mistakes, and are willing to use our Bug Bounty program (click) in the future instead, you may be given another chance. So you're always welcome to appeal your ban.

* You used a particularly serious (intrusive) cheat, one that we would call 'serious hackage', for example one that allowed you to ruin the game for everyone on a server or set out to harm a server or its integrity.
This also goes for attacks aimed at a server or its playerbase that were packaged as executable code that you loaded & used in a cheat-like fashion.

"REASON" - Custom bans that give a hint of the reason in your ban message.
If you engage in illegal activities, we consider it our duty to keep the rest of MTA safe from people such as yourself. Under no circumstance will we allow MTA to be used as a platform for illegal or malicious actions.

Besides that, although this policy covers most situations and possible ban reasons, MTA staff can use their discretion to ban for any reason that can reasonably be considered as illegal, harmful, or damaging to MTA as a platform or its users. You will most definately be able to figure why you got banned from the ban reason text, and if you don't, you can always make an appeal to get further explanation.

Also please note, if you post a ban appeal topic (for a ban about illegal conduct), you automatically agree that said topic, its content and any later posts in it won't ever be removed from the MTA forums. Reason being that while the ban was to protect MTA and its users/server owners from illegal conduct (malicious people such as yourself), if you later return to MTA others can be informed about you and your past to be prepared against falling victim to illegal conduct themselves. It helps for case-building (future offenses or moderators in need of referencing). We also reserve the right to add in (at most) MTA serial(s) to appeal topics.

Common examples:
* "DDOS"
If you carry out DDoS/network attacks against MTA servers or other players, then you do not belong on MTA, and we will ban you to protect others on MTA against you and put consequences to it.
Therefore, when we receive a substantiated report about you, we may decide to ban you if there's overwhelming evidence, or ban you indefinitely for our investigation to proceed (read below for details).

* "RAT"

If you (try to) infect the PC of MTA players with viruses or (remote control) trojan, which are called RATs. The most common way is for someone to share infected file (links) in a server's chat, or directly to a person that you have a relation to because of MTA. We ban those that engage in illegal activities like this as well, because MTA will not be a platform for such acts; if someone deliberately tries to inflict harm or digital safety risks to another player, we believe that person doesn't belong on MTA.


This ban message means you got banned to allow us to investigate something you were involved in.

If you see this, then please send a message to the e-mail address that is mentioned, which belongs to the MTA staff member willing to investigate you.
It can be a result of a report against you (illegal activity, for example as described earlier) or (unknown/custom) cheats/hackage that you seem to have used and of which we want to learn more.
We may even desire to know more if MTA anti-cheat managed to block & detect your attempts. For this reason, sometimes, temporary "TRAINER" bans may turn into this ban type or become extended/permanent.
Also, doing suspicious things while not getting banned (like only kicked by advanced AC heuristics) can have you confronted with such a ban when you launch MTA at a later point.

If there's overwhelming evidence for what you're suspected of doing, you may aswell see a hint of the reason followed by the e-mail address. 
This means we're confident that you did it, but that we're still interested in talking to you anyways. It merely offers you a way out, perhaps to get unbanned (early) by cooperating with us, express regret, or share your side of the story.
At the same time, this type of ban message is also an encouragement to just accept your mistakes and move on, by understanding you did what the hint points to and that it got you caught.
Unlike the ban message saying "EMAIL: ADDRESS", the variation with "REASON [EMAIL: ADDRESS]" can aswell be temporary and be unbanned at a set date. So if you recognize and accept your mistake, just wait for it to expire.

This ban message means that your serial (the one that got banned) isn't authentic: you (attempted to) change your MTA serial, and this got detected.
Using technical measures to try manipulate MTA into generating a new serial results in a ban on said serial if it appears to succeed. Because they get banned, it's not succesfull after all, because you now cannot use it.
If you return to using your original serial (undo the tampering that you tried getting it changed with), in most cases you will be able to play again. 
If you cannot figure it out/are convinced that you didn't try to serial-change, then feel free to create a ban appeal topic and we'll check on your case.


This ban message means that you included a backdoor (or hidden commands with destructive or abusive functionality) in any script or gamemode that you (re)distributed, advertised or sold to any party. Investigation would result in a clear indication that you are in control of said backdoor.

There are no excuses for the use of backdoors in MTA scripts. Justifications like "security" or "it's to protect from our gamemode being leaked" are invalid, because your actions in such a case would be an illegal action in itself (ex. using a command to set your own admin level would be considered hacking, using a command to shutdown/dump the server would be an hacking intrusion to the server infrastructure.. answerring immoral or bad acts with illegal acts isn't the right solution and will get you banned). Even though we now motivated this, we do realize that this excuse will be used to cover the intentions of 90% of the people who implant backdoors into their scripts and gamemodes, and still we do not believe this by default. But as you can see, such excuses would be invalid anyways.

In extreme cases of abuse on MTA services (such as forums, discord, community page), we may decide to global-ban you.
For example:
- if you're constantly evading bans on forums/discord, becoming a pest to our moderation team
- if you're uploading resources with backdoors/exploits (such as hidden commands or destructive functionality) to the community page
- if you're malicious towards the MTA infrastructure or intend to inflict MTA serious harm
- if you engage in unacceptable behavior towards MTA staff, such as blackmailing or threathening them or their surroundings, because they are doing their job

Please always remember that MTA: San Andreas is made and ran by volunteers that devote their free time offering you a game to play on and have fun.
You're a guest, and not definately entitled to using our services; that's a favor. If you become very disruptive, causing us a lot of trouble, or soaking up moderation team resources to deal with the problems you cause us,
then don't be surprised if you're no longer welcome to play on the platform we offered you.

*Note: the above text refers directly to the "SERVICE ABUSE" paragraph.


While the purpose of this topic is to explain why someone that wants to appeal may have been banned, it also contains our banning policy and a list of common bannable offenses. So as a side note, perhaps as a victim of something, you want to report someone that has engaged in activity listed in here, then feel free to send a message to Dutchman101 and/or ccw (you could add both into the same conversation, but make sure to at least send it to Dutchman101 to ensure timely handling of your report)

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