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This is my problem

ERROR: dayzmode/lib/team/s_team.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:MySQL'
ERROR: dayzmode/lib/system/player.lua:1: call: failed to call 'dayzconnect:players'

Im using this

call ( getResourceFromName ( "dayzconnect" ), "MySQL", 1, "2", "three" )
<export function="MySQL"/>

	<include resource="dayzmap"/>
	<include resource="dayzmode"/>
	<include resource="dayzbase"/>
	<include resource="dayzcache"/>
	<include resource="object_preview"/> 

I do not know what to do anymore

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Mostre o resource dayzconnect

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Posted (edited)
1 hora atrás, Tommy. disse:

Mostre o recurso  dayzconnect

Um recurso é uma pasta, o arquivo nela é o class.lua

local XML = xmlLoadFile('connect.xml')
local SET = xmlNodeGetChildren(XML)[1]
local GET = xmlNodeGetAttribute
local name,host,user,pass = GET(SET,'name'),GET(SET,'host'),GET(SET,'user'),GET(SET,'pass')
local Connect = Connection('mysql',('dbname=%s;host=%s'):format(name,host),user,pass)

if Connect then

	outputServerLog('Successfully connect to MySQL server!')

	local mysql = {}
	mysql.connect = Connect

	function mysql.query(query,...)
		local qhandle = Connect:query(query,...)
		local r1,r2,r3 = qhandle:poll(-1)
		if not r1 then
			outputServerLog(('Query failed: errCode: %d - errMsg: %s'):format(r2,r3))
			return false
		return r1,r2,r3

	function mysql.exec(query,...)
		return Connect:exec(query,...)

	local admin = {

	function mysql.server()
		local query = mysql.query('SELECT * FROM `central` WHERE `name` = ?',getServerName())
		if query then
			if query[1] then
				return query[1]
				mysql.exec('INSERT INTO `central` (`name`,`admin`) VALUES (?,?)',getServerName(),toJSON(admin))
				return mysql.server()
	mysql.server = mysql.server()

	function MySQL()
		return mysql


	outputServerLog('Couldnt connect to MySQL server!')


e o connect.xml que ele conecta é este

    <set name='dayz' host='' user='root' pass=''/>

	<set name='name' host='' user='root' pass=''/>

Obviamente eu mudei os nomes da db e a senha pra nao correr risco, mas garanto que está tudo correto no arquivo original.

Edited by br99pedro

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