[HELP]DFF Unlock

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hello i want to open a dff file but i can't open rw analyze would help if it seems blank

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DFF's are usually locked for a reason; model authors don't want you to modify it. So i really hope you got the appropiate rights/permission, or need to fix a major issue with a model.

2 hours ago, mucuk6547 said:

rw analyze seems blank

If you mean the tree structure looks like this:


..without any other nodes in the list like usual, then the DFF locker method is probably one that can be unlocked with this tutorial:


If it's not, then another DFF locker was used to lock it. Then watch some videos from these results and try different unlocking methods:

Note: selecting and dragging DFF file into Z2G converter's (click for download) executable, z2g_dffconverter.exe, will unlock various types of DFF locking methods


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I have a problem with blocked files, i cant use blocked files for replace model i dont known why but only blocked files give me error >-<

i will try all the form you give us to repair my problem thanks :3

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