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Help !! احتاج مساعده السيرفر يطفي لوحده

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اريد مساعده ، عند دخول السيرفر وتشغيل بعض المودات ، يطفي السيرفر لوحده

I need help, when running the modems is restarting the server, and show this message, what does it mean

[19-05-06 02:06:07] [Network] InResultQueue > 200000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze
[19-05-06 02:06:07] Temporarily suspending incoming sync packets

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It looks like you get more than 200000 packet / sec. on your router/modem but what I do not understand what you mean under "modemS" do you have a Multi-Functional Secure Gateway Switch or Are you under d.d.o.s. attack? 200000 is REALLY big amount of packets --> so your server overloaded and it stops...

-stop all  resource except the game mode play  

If the problem apparels again you have a serous network problem.. Or something stetted up wrongly in your router/modem/switch

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