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You need to understand first of all the MTA's element tree. Object's, vehicle's, player's, ped's objects are inherited from Element class. If you want to override the setData for all of these classes, you should override in the Element class.


Element._setData = setElementData

function Element:setData(name,data)
	outputDebugString("Element Data `"..name.."` changed to `"..tostring(data).."` for the element: "..tostring(self))


Self element will be the element, what you called before the function. Important thing, that you need to call with ':', like:


These classes, which are in the element tree are automaticly declaired by MTA, so you do not need to declair them.


But if you want for example an other specific override for just players, you can do it:

Player._setData = setElementData -- Unfortunatelly, if you want it to replace it to the parent class, for a real inheritance, it will cause stack owerflow...

function Player:setData(name,data)
	self:_setData(name,data) -- this will be the original setData function, not the function of the parent class...
	outputDebugString("Element Data `"..name.."` changed to `"..tostring(data).."` for the player: "..self.name)



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