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[REL] bengines - simple custom vehicle sounds

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bengines provides custom engine sounds for vehicles. The resource is not focused to be ultra realistic, it is designed to use for casual servers.
Not useful for me anymore so sharing with community. 
Used on old project.
Sounds are copyrighted content not owned by me.


  • ready to use, chooses the best engine for vehicle depending on handling!
  • easy to customize & expand for Lua programmers
  • 30 soundpacks for vehicles (buses, bikes, sport cars etc.)
  • stable code with quite high performance used on server with 600 players
  • ALS effect (exhaust flames)
  • Turbo (satisfying whistle and blow-off sounds)



For programmers:

Element datas used by resource
[array] vehicle:engine - stores basic info about engine type, sound pack etc. (synced)
[string] vehicle:type - used for engine calculation, useful for servers. Available: Bus, Truck, Sport, Casual, Muscle, Plane, Boat, Motorbike (synced)
[string] vehicle:fuel_type - customized for each engine. Useful for servers. Available: "diesel", "petrol" (synced)

You can use setElementData(vehicle, "vehicle:upgrades", {turbo=true, als=true}) to add turbo or ALS.

Exported functions

exports.bengines:getVehicleRPM(vehicle) -- returns RPM of given vehicle
exports.bengines:getVehicleGear(vehicle) -- returns current gear of given vehicle
exports.bengines:toggleEngines(bool) -- true / false, restore GTA engine sounds


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It is really cool! Thank you for this resource!

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Good job. The other player listen default sound or custom sound?

Its 3D sound or client sound?

P.S. i have no download the resource, just asking.

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