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math.random problem?


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Hey. Some weird thing. I wanted to make songs play in login panel randomly, but it doesn't work. It plays only 3 songs, but in total there's 7 songs.

local loginSounds = {"music1", "music2", "music3", "music4", "music5", "music6", "music7"}

function onClientResourceStart()
	local random = math.random(1, 7)
	loginMusic = playSound("files/"..loginSounds[random], true, false)
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, onClientResourceStart)

I didn't even count how much times i reconnected to check if all songs are playing. I don't know if it's my code mistake, but after restarting script all songs can play, not only 3 of them.

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math.randomseed(getTickCount() * getTickCount())

Be × random as much as you want, play with the input of this function.

But do not call it too much, it is a heavy operation.


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