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I have 2 computers

One of them makes a d server

And both of them join it.

When they connect they say something like "5.16 kbs" or "3.2kbs" which is pretty damn low for a 100mbit network

When we start playing with both join diablos

When we spawn to the diablo area we cant see each other and when one of us gets in a car, the car on the other players machine goes flying into the air/ground/wall and we lose him and when he is driving around it is completly unplayable


There is pratically no reconation of each other.

I heard the admins saying they had a good race against each other?

How the hell did they do that.

Is it because of my network or some port or some wrong configuration PLLLLLLZ HELP

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Yes i tryed nearly all of them.

And i found that

GGM - [GoE] GTA III Multiplayer - Version 0.1

Works alot better in the sense of lag off course (Its instant for everything over a lan)

Can anyone help me and try to untangle the mess am in.

LAN is just too lagy

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They probably should/will increase the amount of data sent over network games... If there's no worry of lag (10 m/s, I don't think there's anything to worry about as far as network congestion :wink: ), they can/will be able to drastically reduce lag.

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When i play on the internet. I see people moving, some better then others (Warpinga tiny bit to huge amounts of dissapering)

And sometimes i can interract with them.

But when i play on a lan its all shit.

I cant see them when they join and when the other player gets in the car, the car just springs into the air and bounces off.

Shoul'dnt it be easy and less laggy on the lan?

AND you really need a ingame chat key like the other multiplayer mod has.

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Xerox, will MTA make a seperate mode for LAN so that it is faster? In my mind being able to see the person you are playing against is just a little bit important. I could really care less about the game modes, because it is hard to play them when you cant see the bus in speed because it is in the air or randomly appearing places. I do understand this is a beta and I don't criticise your work, but just the fact that the mod should be stable before you think about adding game modes and such. When I say stable, I mean like ggm where people are in the correct place and the cars move correctly and not half way submerged into a street or wall although that is a bit funny. Please take this into consideration. :P

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