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BalkanRoam: ( English Freeroam Server )


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BalkanRoam is Back !

  Who does not know BalkanRoam, It's english freeroam server With a many features that almost no other freeroam server has

 Our Feature are : 
 - Hydra Dogfight system ( New heat-seeking mi ssile path and new way of locking ont o a target )

 - a New Clan Panel.

 - VIP System ( VIP Tracks - Health regeneration - VIP Vehicles (rhino, Hydra) - VIP Base with Jetpacks - soon  - Vehicle eject - VIP weapons (rocket launchers) - a Special VIP in your nametag )

 - Events ( Free for All - Gang war ) .

Note ( Events )

- Free for all have ( + 5 Maps, and Minimum to start event is 4 players ) 

Gang war ( + 2 Maps,  6 Players to start event ).                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Social media BalkanRoam

  - Page Facebook : facebook.com/BalkanRoam

  - Server Discord : discord.gg/zVFhKkw

So what are you waiting, Join BalkanRoam today and get Your VIP and enjoy have fun !

IP : mtasa://

.You can get your VIP by donating at balkanroam.tk/donations

.Get your own clan by donating at balkanroam.tk/donations

Have a great time 

BalkanRoam - Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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