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* Ingles * All Markers are invisible

Currently I had a problem in my mta and I decided to do a reinstallation of the MTA, however when I start the server with all the mods ... I realize that all markes are invisible. I tried to change the colors of the marker, but nothing solved, and I tried to uninstall and install the mod of 0, but nothing happens.

Please help me!

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* Português * Todas as Marker ficam invisíveis

Atualmente tive um problema em meu mta e resolvi fazer uma reinstalação do MTA, entretanto quando eu inicio o servidor com todos os mods...percebo que todos os markes estão invisíveis.Tentei alterar as cores do marker, mas nada resolveu, e tentei desinstalar e instalar o mod do 0, mas nada acontece.

Por favor me ajuda!

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