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- SERIAL: 42AF1C4C4EC9E1B347C0F31BD8639A54
- BRIEF EXPLANATION: They banned me the serial because my brother (Tobi_Jacquet) came in. I do not know why (I'm not interested) in my computer. He put his account here and now they gave me the ban to me .. I hope that you can solve this, since I am really looking forward to playing again, I respect the server. I return to make the appeal because I am a player without reports or anything weird .. I am not a troll who walks by step .. I do if I try to improve every day and the truth that I think an injustice that can not do anything , not a minimum opportunity. I ask you from the heart to unban the serial, you will see that I do not bring problems to the server, I just want to add roleando well. Thank you! The server is proyecto mila roleplay.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

This ain't no global MTA ban (read the section notes; also why your previous topic got deleted), you can only ask for unban by appealing to the admins of server you're banned on. We don't have any power over bans from individual servers.

In your case (you mentioned it's proyecto mila) that would be https://foros.proyectomila.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=15. Post there instead of here, good luck!


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