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[Sell]Quest Diamonds


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This script is something like Quest but with Crystals, you will find all the crystals you will receive a large amount, but you can change the amount, the cords!


- Your task is to look for hidden crystals on the map.
- Only 10 crystals. By finding the latter, you receive a cash reward.
- Crystals are updated once a day. That means you have exactly 24 hours to collect all the crystals and get a prize.
- For players to remember where the crystal is located, more points can be set for each crystal.
- When a crystal is found, the soundtrack and the text appears on the screen.

- You can change the coordinates of the client.lua.

Look for some images: https://imgur.com/a/zRbdQfs

The price of this script is 20Euro!

The payment is done only through Paysafe (accept and exchange of Romanian scripts related to DayZ!)

For more details contact me in private !

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On 13/04/2019 at 16:02, XaskeL said:

This script is public release in russia community!!! this script have very horrible code

а там кристал визуально такой же как и на ccd? Просто у ccd кристал имеет вокруг свечение

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