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Hello friends

help me quickly


Today I wanted to add a home system to my server!
But where did I get this Mysql question or find out?
I got remotemysql.com but did not work!

The localhost works well with the xampp program!
Can you now find out where is my mysql home system?

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It's quite hard to understand your problem. Is the problem that you don't have a MySQL server or that you don't know it's address/hostname?

If you don't have one, you'll need to set one up. If you have a VPS or some other hosting, this should be pretty easy, especially with things like cPanel, and you can always Google around if you're not sure. If your hosting is MTA server-only, then you'll probably want to either find a rentable MySQL database, or migrate to a VPS or something where you can run more than just an MTA server.

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I I do not use vps or vds. But I want a Skype service, for example, when a user registers his information in the registry database. At remotemysql.com, this is not the full access, and the information should be recorded. There is a way or a service. Which has full access.

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