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Hi guys, i'm with an error. Is here some of my code, where error appear. I marked the line of the error!

On my localhost, my script works perfectly, but in the host gave me this error.

Thanks in Advance for any help ❤️ 

attempt to get length of local 'table' (a nil value)
local time = getRealTime()
				local days = tonumber(time.monthday) 
				local months = tonumber(time.month)
				local years = tonumber(time.year)
                local table = db:query("SELECT * FROM Royal WHERE Usuario=? LIMIT 1", user)
Error >>>>      if #table > 0 then
                    setElementData(source, "ID", table[1]["ID"]) 
                    db:query("UPDATE Royal SET Nick=?, Acesso=?, Serial=? WHERE Usuario=?", getPlayerName(source):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), days.."/"..months+(1).."/"..years-(100), getPlayerSerial(source), user)
                    outputDebugString("Dados de usuário carregados!", 0, 145, 212, 17)
                    setTimer(setCameraTarget, 3000, 1, source, source)
                    setTimer(triggerClientEvent, 14000, 1, source, "renderQ", source)
                    triggerClientEvent(source, "onRoyalLogin", source)
                    outputLoginMsg(source, "Logado com sucesso! Aguarde...", "success")
                    outputLoginMsg(source, "Dados desta conta não foram encontrados em nosso banco de dados.", "error")


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