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[HELP]Admin System


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Hi everyone! Who can help me with a script called admin-system but for DayZ servers, it's kind of commands: / goto, / gethere, / aban, / ajail, / akick, / amute etc!

Please be nice who can help me and you will be respected with respect and degree on the server or whatever you want!

Thank you Anticipated!

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On 04/04/2019 at 14:33, Dimos7 said:

Well it simple to make it all you need is this



 know but I need everything with the admin-system as on the roleplay with all the ready-made commands, but at dayz i need for example / aduty (admin is on duty) goto, gethere, giveallmoney / giveallitems (name items / id) have you already understood what I wanted !?

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