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Computer Running GTA 3 Slow

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Alright my pc is not completyly new a few years old. So i normally run GTA 3 in 800X600X32 mode and im expiriencing some lag its not just MTA if i run single player also and get the same thing. I normally get about 12 FPS. Which is a little below normal

Heres my PC Specs

Proccessor 1.0 GHz

Ram 768 MB

Video Card/Geforce 2 MX 400

I have been asking some people and where my pc lacks is in the video card. I dont know how true this is so im asking your opinion. I hope to soon get Vice City so i want that to run good to.

Also if i do upgrade video card what do you think i should upgrade it to.

Thank You --Towlies

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12 fps is not a little below normal, it's less than half the minimum playable framerate.

You're lacking SEVERELY in both video card and processor, don't upgrade, get a new system.

If you're on a budget, I would recommend a AMD64 system with 3200+/3000+ processor, 1+ GB RAM, and nVidia 6800 or equivalent video card.

In the meantime try turning on trails and 16 bit color, if you haven't tried that yet.

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Alright i just got Vice City and wow world of differnce im getting around 20 FPS running at 1024X768X32.

Alot of improvement. Just wondering if i put a Gforce 4 in this pc because i am on a tight budget would this inprove it alot or not because of the slower proccessor

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It would but be aware that your putting money into something that's obsolete, and you are still limited by the processor. Just make sure it's a GeForce 4 Ti, not MX. If you have a bit more money, try to get a 6600GT (~$120), or a 6600 (~$90).

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