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Hello, sorry for my bad English

I'm looking for a way to load a website in the game, for example a website that I have

I have a code like this

function register_panel( )
	local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize()
	local windowWidth, windowHeight = 1280, 720
	local left = screenWidth/2 - windowWidth/2
	local top = screenHeight/2 - windowHeight/2
	local window = guiCreateWindow( left, top, windowWidth, windowHeight , "Register", false )
	local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, windowWidth, windowHeight -60, false, false, false, window )
	local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser )
	guiWindowSetSizable(window, false)
	requestBrowserDomains({ "" })
	addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, 
		function( )
			loadBrowserURL( source, "" )
	local close = guiCreateButton(0, 700, 1280, 50, "CLOSE", false, window)
	addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", close, 
			guiSetVisible(window, false)

In the code above, the website I intended to load does not appear, but there is a dialog box asking for permission to open the link. But when opening youtube for example, the website opens normally. Can someone help me? Thanks before

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This is because is on the default whitelist. Clients must give permission to open addresses, so you need to requestBrowserDomains (as you have correctly done). However, you should use the callback argument in that function (or "onClientBrowserWhitelistChange" event) to know that the user gave permission and only then attempt to load the page. Trying to load it before permission has been granted won't load it.

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Wow, amazing. It work fine. Thank you.


One more, there are close button, when I or player click close button the window will destroyed or disappeared, but when I or player reopen the register_panel the browser can't load anything, how to reset the browsergui after click close button?

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