Command with space characters!!! Help with team names!

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Hello, I have a doubt!


Supose that exist a team named "The Intocables", so I want create a marker with the color of this team, but when I put the command "createwarp The Intocables" I have a problem with  the parameters, because in the command it takes "The" and "Intocables" as two different parameters, so I can't take the team from name correctly.


So my question is:


Wich is the character of the space for commands? Can I do something like this? : createwarp The%Intocables


or: createwarp The_Intocables.


Help :(

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local clanName = table.concat({clanName}, " ")

or clanName:gsub("_", " ") 

This replace underline with space.

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function functionName (player, cmd, ...)
	local name = table.concat({...}, " ")


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