Custom GTA3.img problem

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I need to make server accept custom total conversion maps.

I get this error when try to join:


Here's my server config:

    <client_file name="data/carmods.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/animgrp.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/ar_stats.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/melee.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/clothes.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/object.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/default.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/surface.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/default.ide" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/gta.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/surfinfo.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/peds.ide" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/vehicles.ide" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/pedstats.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/water.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/txdcut.ide" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/water1.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="models/coll/weapons.col" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/weapon.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/plants.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="anim/ped.ifp" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/furnitur.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/procobj.dat" verify="0"/>
    <client_file name="data/maps" verify="0"/>


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