Dark and chromeless vehicles on server

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Hello. On my MTA server almost all passenger cars are replaced. In total 141 vehicles, including aircraft and trailers are at the moment replaced. In July-August, 2017 I began to observe darkenings of some parts of cars. Over time transport became a little more and something became absolutely dark, something partially. In the mtaserver.conf file there is a list of the resources started together with the server. Transport which is in the first 99 lines is normal. Further in the lines there are about three cars with partial loss of chrome, further about 30 cars without chrome and then everything dark what written down after these about 130 lines. Over time to some of these 30 cars chrome is returned, dark cars become light, but not always. Not replaced transport is always dark.
 Is it some restriction of a game or not? How to fix it?
On a screenshot are examples of the car without chrome, partially dark and completely dark cars (E-150 have no chrome).



After restart of the server some chromeless cars become normal, some dark cars become light, but after Shutdown with the subsequent Start these vehicles became bad again.

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this is possibly the bug of the game GTA itself. I once exploited a similar bug in a single player in order to get more beautiful lighting like in cut-scenes games. Such a bug appears only if you do not touch the car (rarely, it is not clear why). Just put the game mode in the window without a frame, for me this is the most stable game mode. This happens when you turn off the game in "Standart" as well as when switching between interiors in a minimized game.

I am not a moderator, but I just expressed my guess on this issue.

Try to freeze the car and give it a velocity and then defrost it. maybe even a floating problem between clients and game settings.

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