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How to use a function that only exists in the future?

Lord Henry

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I was trying to use the function getTrainTrack, but this function is only available from version 1.6 onwards, but actually we are on version 1.5.6 and this function still doesn't exist.

I read the build information and this function was created in 2015. Why is it not available? If the function was removed, I think the wiki page should advise this.

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I am the one that requested this function. They moved it to 1.6 after my request.
It was finished and added to 1.6 within a few days. @IIYAMA still wondering why, when it could have been easily added to 1.5.6.

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On 18/03/2019 at 05:19, XaskeL said:

it is written: that it is deleted and will appear only in 1.6

I know. I was the one who marked the deletion. Before my edit, the page doesn't mark the function disabled. (see page history)

(now was fixed to disabled instead of deletion)

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Simple if would do it

if getTrainTrack and type(getTrainTrack) == "function" then

You can also check if it does exist in the _G table (which contains all global functions provided by mta/Lua)

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