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[HELP] 3ds Max - White texture on car

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I'm new to modelling and having trouble figuring out how to export textured car models.

I'm using 3ds Max 2017 and Kam's GTA scripts to import/export the vehicle but when i export the vehicle dff it ends up with a white color in-game.


All the other textures for bumpers, interior, lights etc seem to be fine but the vehicle itself turns out white.

What's also weird is that the inside of the doors seem to be fine and paintable in-game:


I tried importing the vehicle dff into 3ds, changing nothing and just exporting it but it still turns out white so i'm wondering what exactly i'm missing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Okay, so the fix was a small change to the export parameters:


I turned off Day and Night and selected Normals under Vertex Color.

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