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MTA lagging

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Hi, i have a problem with MTA, lagging and i have a good laptop. Before installing windows 8.1 the game move good but when i reinstalled windows 8.1 because my laptop was freezing mta is lagging.

I installed all the drivers manually and with a application named driver booster 6, i dont know why the game is lagging...

I installed game ready driver

in game lowest settings, in nvidia control panel i do all the settings for high performance, battery its on high performace i installed even oem drivers, i downloaded the windows from the microsoft and installed manually, i dont know to do settings in BIOS maybe in BIOS is the problem and the windows is asking for activate. Another thing, in game i open task manager and i saw the memory its 95%.

graphic card - NVIDIA geforce 920M series

processor - intel R core TM I5-5200CPU  2.20ghz

windows - 8.1 pro

memory ram - 4GB 


Sorry for my bad english :D

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Also i tried window mode but lagging, when i start mta its asking to select an nvidia optimus option, standanrd nvidia, alternative nvidia

I played today and when i am in first person its not lagging, but when i am in third person is lagging and when the camera view its close to a wall the is not lagging, Even lagging in the houses.. and the player names its not showing and not even mine.

lagging=20-30 fps

no lagging = 100-110 fps

i dont have fps show in game but i think its approximately

I discover the memory its not the issue because now its 75% in use.

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