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I - Recap       

For the past month, this community has been under development, through the rough and smooth times. It's currently managed, coded, designed, and maintained by three individuals, respectively, Michelle, Msport and Joker. Warrior Gaming Roleplay was introduced to a team of administrators, helpers, patrons, coders, mappers and, most importantly, the players a few days after it was discussed ad voted on. Warrior Gaming Roleplay's intention is to welcome everyone as one, even if there are persons who are new to roleplaying. The coders could have chosen any random gamemode to work on and build, but they chose roleplay for a specific reason. Apart from the other communities out there, our aim is to be the most outstanding one.


II - Encouragement and In-Depth Information           

Without further ado, I will like to provide in depth information about this community. Warrior Gaming Roleplay is partially similar to other communities in the public but it's also unique in its own way. Unlike some communities, we've made a huge gap. One of the main features is the Discord Integration. No admins are in game? No problem, we can see what's happening even if we're out of the server. Is someone metagaming but there's no staff member to prevent or cease it? No problem, we'll easily deal with the matter. We even offer our very own ticket/support center. Need something to be added to the server or want to report a faction, staff or player but you're in a different timezone? We've got you covered, submit a ticket and you'll get a reply within the first 24 hours of its submission. Custom mapping uploads are done at free of cost, via our ticket center. Yes, you're reading correct. Not a cent nor gamecoin is required. Since we're welcoming you, no matter who you are or where you've originated from, we're allowing you to express yourself to the highest standards and capabilities. We are currently in need of staff members, for filling in the position of mappers, administrators, helpers, vehicle and faction team members, coders, and graphical content creators. If you have the attributes, talents, and skills of what it takes to be a staff member, toss a discord message to Joker (JayJay#5718) and I'll discuss it with you. The factions of WGRP can be access by using the /factions command in the discord server. To view the server's connection information, use /server, and to view the staff roster, use /roster.

III - Images
Discord to Server Integration (Messages sent Back and Forth)

Direct Forum Updates
Forum Update

(There are more images to show, but they will be accessible as soon as you join our discord server)

IV - Contact & Network Information

Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/v9TRu77
Website: https://www.warriorgamingroleplay.com
Forums: https://forums.warriorgamingroleplay.com
Factions' Forums: Can be found on the main website's menu bar


We hope to see you there and when our server has 100 players, we'll be hosting a massive event, so watch out for it! Help us to our goal, and be a part of Warrior Gaming RP!
A message from the Management Team of Warrior Gaming Roleplay

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Fixed the website (not forums) link

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Could you give us some information about the gamemode (script) you guys are using and any (possible) new features that you have added?

Edited by Forthwind

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1 hour ago, Forthwind said:

Could you give us some information about the gamemode (script) you guys are using and any (possible) new features that you have added?

Negative. Join the discord, and ask in the main channel.

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I am no longer a staff member of this community because I've resigned. If any of you have concerns about it, forward them to Michelle or Msport. Thank you.

Former Staff Manager

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