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1 hour ago, Alraaayts said:

So you mean... The one u sent contains bad intention??

Yes, really bad, it hacks your pc and steals all your moneyZzz... and @majqq

likes getting hacked, that is why he is using my code.

P.s it is his hobby after all.


No, no, the main question is: will you run software on your computer that does things you do not understand?



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2 minutes ago, Alraaayts said:

I would understand if u tell each purposee.

TRUE, but you didn't even bother asking that question, which is very unusual disinterested behaviour. All you asked was: "Do your thing and send the end result to me".


You know the criteria my support, which I did pm you yesterday. Try to fit that criteria or ask somebody else who does the whole A to Z thingy without asking the important questions.

I am here for scripting learning support, nothing else. Respect that.


If you want to start scripting, then at least start from the beginning, start with Lua! Not MTA scripting. Do your desk research. Google, Youtube, inspiration, documentation. Oh nice! Somebody already made a collection for you. There is so much out there for you to use! Ask questions. Ask more questions. Try out. Fail. Debug. Look up what the warnings/errors mean. Still not understanding what they mean? Ask questions. Iterate. Improve. Rewrite. Try out. Delete. Copy. Cut. Disable. Write documentation so that you will not forget what your learned!

No time for that? There are no short-cuts, except when you have hacked majqq.

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