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[HELP] What is the error in the code?

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addCommandHandler("vipsurem", function(oyuncu)

    local cid = getElementData(oyuncu, "dbid")
    local vipveri = fromJSON(exports.getRealTime:GAD(cid,"Vip") or toJSON({}))
    if vipveri then
        local bitis = getRealTime(vipveri.bitis)
        outputChatBox("[!]#ffffffVip["..vipveri.level.."] Bitiş Tarihiniz: "..bitis.monthday.."."..bitis.month.."."..(bitis.year+1900).." - "..bitis.hour..":"..bitis.minute..":"..bitis.second.." ", oyuncu, 0, 255, 0,true)


What is the error in the code?

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