Crashes after latest update

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our server is still on 1.5.4.

The min required version is set to 1.4.

When trying to join the server, it asks you to update to the latest version anyway for some reason.

Afterwards, it randomly crashes pretty fast once you joined the server.

Version = 1.5.6-release-16535.0.000
Time = Fri Feb 22 19:03:30 2019
Module = C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mta\netc.dll
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x001B9227

EAX=11AF1924  EBX=FFFFFFFF  ECX=DE16F9FB  EDX=00000000  ESI=00002745
EDI=00000000  EBP=2187FD44  ESP=2187FC38  EIP=68299227  FLG=00010206
CS=0023   DS=002B  SS=002B  ES=002B   FS=0053  GS=002B

Nothing on the server has changed recently, therefore there must be a problem with the update as it seems.



EDIT: Updated the server to the latest version, did not help.

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Sorry, I cannot edit anymore.

I installed the latest nightly build and that seems to have fixed the crashes.

But obviously normal players won't have that version.

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