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What happened to tow trucks. They use to be one of the funnest vehicles in the game. You could tow away an occupied car... no more. You could create a massive train of tow trucks towing other tow trucks that were towing yet more tow trucks... No more.. Why did this change? Now a tow truck can't tow an occupied car, and it cannot tow a vehicle while being itself towed.

This isn't a feature. This is a bug.


Please bring back our much loved tow truck, or introduce a switch that allows for old and new tow truck towing policy to be selected by the server owner. Default: Old.

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This implication is incorrect, as the current situations is as follows:

- Towtruck can tow empty vehicles (as far I know, there's no MTA version in which vehicles occupied by players could be towed.. probably a technical limitation)

- Towtruck can tow an infinite amount of other towtrucks. Contrary to what you think, these additional towtrucks can be chained together in the way you described.

If i misunderstand, you could upload a video with reproduction of the latter, to clarify.


*Note: i wrote the tone of this post with TS's recent activity in mind

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