Elevator problem with code

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can someone pls tell me what is wrong here

Client Side- 

GUIEditor_Window = {}
GUIEditor_Button = {}
GUIEditor_Label = {}

GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(0.3875,0.300,0.50,0.6117,"Elevator",true)
GUIEditor_Button[1] = guiCreateButton(15,50,400,50,"Ground floor",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
GUIEditor_Button[2] = guiCreateButton(14,111,400,50,"Roof floor",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
GUIEditor_Button[4] = guiCreateButton(17,313,450,41,"Exit",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
guiSetVisible(GUIEditor_Window[1], false)
local marker = createMarker(270.79998779297, 1879, 16.60000038147, "cylinder", 1.5, 255,0,0,70)

function markerhit (hitPlayer)
    if ( hitPlayer == localPlayer ) then
        guiSetVisible (GUIEditor_Window[1], true)
        showCursor (true)
addEventHandler ("onClientMarkerHit", marker, markerhit)

function markerLeave ()
        guiSetVisible (GUIEditor_Window[1], false)
        showCursor (false)
addEventHandler ("onClientMarkerLeave", marker, markerLeave)

addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", root,
    function ( )
        if ( source == GUIEditor_Button[1] ) then	
    triggerServerEvent ( "qd", getLocalPlayer() )
        elseif ( source == GUIEditor_Button[2] ) then
   triggerServerEvent ( "qd2", getLocalPlayer() )
           elseif ( source == GUIEditor_Button[3] ) then
   triggerServerEvent ( "qd4", getLocalPlayer() )
        elseif ( source == GUIEditor_Button[4] ) then
            guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor_Window[1], false )
            showCursor ( false )


Server Side--

function qm ( )
elevatordoor = createObject ( 2634, 267.70001, 1880, 18, 0, 0, 270 )

function VehicleHit(hitElement,matchingDimension) 
if getElementType(hitElement)=="player" then 
   moveObject ( elevatordoor, 3000, -2017, 158.79998779297, 20.39999961853 ) 
            outputChatBox ( "Step inside the elevator", source )
setTimer ( VehicleHit, 1000, 1 )
addEvent( "qd", true )
addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", getRootElement(), qm )

i am trying to make an elevator that work with the gui 

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A lot of issues in the serverside code.

  1. VehicleHit is a function defined within a function, which, while legal, doesn't make sense unless you're making a local function.
  2. VehicleHit is called by a timer started outside the qm function, meaning that qm must be called (via hitting a marker)  within 1000 ms of starting the serverside code. Additionally, the timer does not send over any special parameters but your VehicleHit function expects a hitElement parameter and checks that it's a player element. You're sending a nil.
  3. qd event is only declared but never actually used. qd2 and qd4 aren't even declared on the serverside.

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problem is which function should i use in order that when the client hit the button on gui it should trigger server side to move the object 

and qd2 is the floor roof but i didnt write it yet cuz i wanna solve the qd first and qd4 is just to close the gui 

can u tell me what is the right way to write serverside ?

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Serverside code is kinda messy, yes.

addEvent( "qd", true )
addEventHandler( "qd", root, function() 
	elevatordoor = createObject ( 2634, 267.70001, 1880, 18, 0, 0, 270 )
	moveObject ( elevatordoor, 3000, -2017, 158.79998779297, 20.39999961853 ) 
end, true)

That should work.


You can't use marker functions without markers. Your markers are on client, so you have to use them there.

Edited by Peti

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